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Happy Holidays!!

07/29/09: Sirius XM!

Request "Game Over" by emailing Kala at Kaylarocks@siriusxm.com.

04/20/09: Sirius XM!

Hey everyone request Phelt on Octane. Email octane@siriusxm.com to hear your favorite Phelt song.

03/01/08: Happy March!

It's the 1st day of March and there isn't much to report. We have a set list ready for the big reunion show and a lot of ideas, but no place to play the show! If you've been anticipating when and where the Phelt reunion show will be, hold on a little longer until Tim finds a time and place. Until then, we hope March takes us a few steps closer to warm weather.

01/27/08: Reunion Show

Hey Everyone! This past week has brought forth a lot of new and exciting information for you guys. Phelt has decided to host a reunion show this April. Date and time still remain to be determined, but we figured we would give everyone a heads up about it. All original members of the band will be present except for our former bass player, Matt Yoder. He has decided to move to California so Matt McHale will kindly be taking his place. We will update you with more information as it becomes available.

01/01/08: Happy New Year!!

We would like to welcome this new year of 2008. This is the year for Phelt to come back into the big picture with a bunch of surprises. So, stick around!!

10/06/07: Real or Fake? You be the Judge!

We hinted earlier that this time around we would be doing things differently. Well, instead of using an actual drummer, we sprung for a great program called EZdrummer. Big name producers and artists around the world are using this program to compose music for artists, television shows, and so much more. This may seem like a slap in the face to you 'all natural' music gurus, but lets face it, once a song is digitally enhanced it's hard to determine whether it is a real drummer or just a drum machine! Below are just a few testimonials of what people have had to say about this hit program:

"I've been meaning to e-mail you.....and tell you how much I love EZdrummer!!! I try and use it every session and my clients freak out when they hear how realistic the drums sound! I'm recommending it to every composer I know!" - Marc Jacobs, MAJ Productions (Fox TVs BONES/ ABC's Men In Trees/ American Idol/ Access Hollywood/ HBO's Inside the NFL)

"The drums sound REAL! EZdrummer is a powerful tool and a real sounding instrument. As an engineer, you want the best sound quality captured, which matches yours and the producers vision. As a producer you want quality, dependability, and inspiriting sound tools. As a mixing engineer you want choices and flexibility. Tools that can help you fix/ manipulate, add or subtract creatively to finalize the vision set forth from the beginning. EZdrummer plays a part in this process when needed!" - Stan Malveaux (Patti Labelle/Kanye West/ Backstreet Boys/ Anastacia/ Stone Temple Pilots)

10/04/07: Couple of updates from Phelt

We are currently working on a new song. It still doesn't have a name, but we are trying to commit as much time as possible to finding an appropriate one!. We're also trying to get the web site updated and get as much info as we can.. Hopefully this will happen within a few weeks. Other than that, we have finished building the studio control room and are getting ready to start the vocal booth. We'll have a few pictures up for you as soon as the Gallery page is complete. If anyone wants to give us feedback on what we are doing, Email us phelt@gotphelt.com. We are always looking for feedback from you! *Until next time, have a great one*

9/24/07: New Song "Never Be Over"

9/23/07: About the beginning

Phelt has seen its fair share of changes over the past few years. From losing and adding members, to becoming exactly how its two founders envisioned it from the beginning, Phelt is continuing on. Though Phelt has experienced a long road of shows that ranged from the Hard Rock Café in Cleveland, Ohio to the Crocodile Rock in Allentown, they are taking a small time out to concentrate on new material. Though the band has always consisted of four members, Phelt has now added a new twist to their already exhilarating variety of music. Fans should look forward to their upcoming music on Myspace and various other music outlets. The real surprise lies with the new music and how the members are now composing their tunes. Look for future postings to get a hint into how Phelt plans to maintain a stellar music status.